I reached out to several of my clients whose companies have been named Best Places to Work and  listed the results below.  The best part is they work and you can implement immediately. If you missed the first 25 ideas, here is part 1 of the series.

Simple, unique and great ideas to boost your workplace morale and create a culture where people give their best, are more loyal, and most importantly CARE.


  1. Create an environment where it’s okay to make mistakes. People will never live up to their full potential if they are scared to make a mistake. Mistakes show people are trying. Correct it, but praise the effort.
  2. Be mindful of what is going on in your employees personal life, if they are getting married…send a card, if a relative just passed…send a card. Be empathetic.
  3. Encourage your team to set goals and then help them achieve those goals in any way you can.
  4. Encourage a healthy office environment. Provide healthy snacks if possible, encourage people to walk over and talk to each other instead of just sending an email, provide ergonomic work stations, etc.
  5. Give back, do community service as a team whenever possible.
  6. Give each employee a charity budget. Instead of having people randomly coming to you with donation requests, stream line the process, give each person x amount of dollars and let them pick the charity you make the donation too.
  7. Don’t use the corny stock office artwork. It is so boring and uninspiring. Invest in local artists and make your office unique. !!!YES!!!
  8. Instead of doing things because you have always done them or that’s the way they have always been done, allow employees to give their input and re-evaluate day to day operations. Are you having them complete reports that could easily be tracked electronically…switch over.
  9. Be kind.
  10. Be human.
  11. Be patient
  12. Be on time. Just because you’re the boss doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be respectful of your team’s time.
  13. If you have to ask the question, “Are you easily offended?” then you should not be saying whatever it is you are going to say.
  14. Don’t share awkward personal information.
  15. Be a person that is respectable. Make ethical choices.
  16. Praise in public, correct in private.
  17. Every time you give employee a piece of negative information/correction sandwich it between 2 compliments.  (I.E. You do this well, you could improve on this, you also do this well.)
  18. Do not over react or over commit.
  19. Remember your employee’s/teams birthdays.
  20. Don’t foster an environment of inappropriate behavior (i.e. it’s not necessary to have alcohol at every company event).
  21. Encourage employees to have a strong work/life balance.
  22. Do not tolerate rudeness in the work place, and don’t be rude yourself.
  23. Make sure all employees know that they are the face of the company and their #1 priority should always be good customer service
  24. Change things up. If your weekly meeting seems to drag on every week, lighten it up with a treat, funny motivational video, or a fun team building exercise.
  25. Don’t gossip. Don’t tolerate gossip from others

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