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Sam Glenn makes conference meetings positively UNFORGETTABLE by delivering customized motivational speeches that elevate enthusiasm, engagement and excellence.

Inspire your team with an uplifting experience featuring 9 pre-recorded leadership lessons presented by award-winning motivational speaker and best selling author, Sam Glenn.

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Brian Conaty
Happy people create happy customers!! We have had #1 Marketshare in our market for the past 5.5yrs and I dedicate a lot of this to our team always having a positive attitude and starting every year with Sam Glenn!!
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Leaders Hire Sam to Create an Unforgettable Motivational Experience...

For nearly three decades, I have had the pleasure of working with leaders from every type of industry you can imagine — sales, education, hospitality, healthcare, customer service, technology, housing, government, private sector, finance, manufacturing, retail, etc...

My customized motivational speeches are geared to reinforce the value of your vision, mission and successes.  Leaders hire me as a way to “recognize and reward” their group with an uplifting message that empowers mental wellness,  boosts morale and simply makes everyone feel valued about who they are and what do in the big picture.

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We'd love to learn more about your upcoming event, and answer any questions you have about working with Sam Glenn. We pride ourselves on being very responsive, no pressure and as our clients tell us all the time -  “we are easy and fun to work with.”

Our goal is to ensure Sam is the best fit for your meeting and that we create a positive experience for you from start to finish.  If that sounds like something you want, email us.

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