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Best Selling Author, Performance Artist and Award Winning Speaker, Sam Glenn transforms meetings and conferences into memorable experiences through art, inspiration and education.

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As you plan your next big meeting, plan for a “Sam Glenn Experience” that reinvigorates your group by celebrating effort, rewarding resilience and reinforcing the value of optimism.



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For nearly three decades, I have had the pleasure of working with leaders from every type of industry you can imagine — sales, education, hospitality, healthcare, customer service, technology, housing, government, private sector, finance, manufacturing, retail, etc...

My customized motivational speeches are geared to reinforce the value of your vision, mission and successes.  Leaders hire me as a way to “recognize and reward” their group with an uplifting message that empowers mental wellness,  boosts morale and simply makes everyone feel valued about who they are and what do in the big picture.

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Legend Mgmt
This is the second time Sam Glenn has presented to our team and we can’t wait to have him back again!
5 / 5 stars

My new book - Be The Difference 


I had a sudden realization one morning that time is a limited resource in my life. Initially, this thought caused me to feel panicked, but instead of succumbing to sadness, I used this realization as inspiration to make the most of the time I have left.

I had two options before me, and I chose the one that would ensure the remaining time in my life would be the best. The result of this decision is a timeless book that will hold incredible value to anyone who reads it, regardless of when they pick it up.

This book helped me explore the impact and legacy I want to leave behind, and how to improve my daily actions to make a positive difference with my time, talent, and treasures."Be The Difference" is a book that explores two sides of making a positive impact: personal and professional. As we spend a significant portion of our lives working, I wanted to uncover ways to make a difference in our jobs, even if they are not ideal. In doing so, I discovered something incredible that has the potential to change how we live, work, and lead.

By making a small, organic change in our daily routine, we can inspire others to care more, which is crucial because someone who doesn't care is the most dangerous person in any workplace or industry. While it's impossible to force others to care, I found a way to make it happen, and it works exceptionally well. In "Be The Difference," I share my personal experiences through uplifting and often amusing stories to showcase the power of attitude and actions in making a difference every day.

These relatable anecdotes demonstrate how to live a fulfilling legacy and achieve outstanding results in both our personal and professional lives. Whether you're leading a team, managing employees, or seeking personal improvement, "Be The Difference" provides an excellent tool to help you think, live, feel, and do better.

BUY YOUR COPY TODAY or Gift your entire team and group with a book that will have a life changing impact in their life.

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Best Selling Book on Amazon - Be the Difference


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