1: Laugh more! Don’t take everything so seriously.

2: Do something extra nice for someone. Be a superhero to someone in some way every day.

3: Set a goal, and begin the process of achieving that goal.

4: Clean and organize your home, garage, workspace, or car. Clutter creates stress. Cleaning releases it.

5: Move to improve your mood. Go for a 30-minute walk, and give your heart a manageable workout.

6: Drink more water, eat better foods, and take more fiber daily. (Trust me - it will improve your mood significantly.

7: Pause. Take a few very deep breaths, and be in the moment.

8: Believe in yourself a little more and see what happens.

9: Listen to music that moves you or calms you.

10: Complain less. Complainers are drainers.

11: Be a student, and learn every day.

12: Don’t beat yourself up when you make mistakes. Learn and grow.

13: Practice being calm, patient, empathetic, and understanding.

14: Be more grateful, and express recognition to others. Tell a minimum of five people, “thank you,” every day.

15: Get motivated by visiting your purpose daily. Why do you do what you do? Purpose fuels us with enthusiasm and energy. It’s awesome!

16: Your attitude is your choice, so choose one that works best for you. Everything follows your attitude.

17: To think better, do better, and live better, you need to read better. Pick a good book, and read a few pages every day. (EVERY DAY!) For some really good books, visit SamGlennBOOKS.com. I only promote what I love and what I know makes a positive difference.

18: Do not allow negative and rude people to determine your mood and responses. They don’t own your responses, you do.

19: Do something fun. Fun is good.

20: Don’t overthink things. Simplify, and let go of what needs to go.

21: Eat popcorn. It’s a happy food. For real, go eat some.

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